wally carnes

Operations Manager & Software Guru for Darkroom Software
Wally is Operations Manager and Support Guru from Darkroom Software, Wally is a 35+ year veteran of the photography industry. He has managed a professional studio, shot countless weddings and events and owned and operated a successful photo booth business. Wally blends patience and expertise to provide the best support in the business. By attending his presentations, you’ll walk away with a much better understanding of how your photo booth work translates directly into improved performance, less down time and more money!

From Start to Finish – Set your Business up for Success with Darkroom

Whether you are using Darkroom Booth for the first time or want to learn about powerful features most users don’t even know exist – this master class is for you. Wally will teach you how to easily and efficiently set up Booth for your events and show you how to unlock the full potential of Darkroom Booth Software to scale and streamline your business, build value for your customers and maximise your profits.

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