Steve Bliesner

International “out of the box” thinker
Steve Bliesner is the founder and Creative Director of Australian-based companies: The Photo Booth Guys and At the Beep. Regarded as an “out of the box” thinker… with nearly 15 years of experience in the Photo Booth and Events Industry, Steve is probably now considered to be a Dinosaur, who’s probably run out of fresh ideas. But this old T-Rex somehow managed to have some of his best years in business throughout the pandemic, and might just have something worth listening to.

My rules for running a successful event business

My rules for running a successful event business: Keep things simple. Be early, but not too early (and definitely dont be late). Make friends. Look out for each other. Learn your tools and RTFM. Experience first. Money second. The end.
Steve Bliesner will also be running a Breeze Systems Masterclass on Monday 18th September which you will need to register for.

A deep dive into some of the newest features from Breeze, with practical examples of using the powerful AI background removal tools, image blending modes and how to bring it all together with a custom user interface. 

Masterclass Registration