Sam has been working in sales and marketing since 2010. Working with various companies and in-house marketing teams from the bottom up to understand and grow their businesses. Focusing on each company’s bottom line, he has a decade long reputation of improving companies large and small. Sam takes pride in having a personal relationship with all clients from start to finish.


Tired of chasing enquiries?
Bored of following up begging for a review after a gig or booth?
Maybe you are running events and looking to generate data from those that attended?

This seminar will earn you more bookings. Sam is a lead generation expert with over 10 years experience across all aspects of corporate and events marketing, and in this session he will be showing off the exact system he has been using to generate bookings for hundreds of events businesses. A Close-up Magician since the age of 6, a Meta™️ Blueprint Certified Facebook & Instagram ads expert with an uncanny grasp of behavioural psychology, expect to have your eyes opened to all the possibilities of:

The World WhatsApp Automations – It’s like email but people actually reply!
How to save 1000’s of hours of admin in one click!

Getting more leads than you could possibly handle… and handling them!
Chain bookings, automated payments, unified CRMs and a whole lot more!

By the end of the session, you’ll be able to answer these four questions:

What is marketing automation?
Why will it make a difference to my business?
How does it get set up?
Where can I implement it?

Convert more enquiries and generate more referrals, all automatically, while saving you time on admin!