Business Strategy Coach
Jack Quenby owns and runs the successful Leicestershire based company, Jackstar Weddings, a Photo Booth, DJ and event decoration business, with his wife, Louise. Jack also runs the popular “Positive Wedding Profits” Facebook page, and has recently appeared as a contestant on the BBC’s new competition show, ‘Ultimate Wedding Planner’.

ONE STrategy away

If you’re like most photo booth or wedding business owners, you don’t realise how close you are to creating the business of your dreams.

It only takes one successful strategy to scale your business and super-charge your profits.

For years I struggled to get my events business off the ground but once I understood this key principle, going full-time was a no brainer, getting more bookings was a breeze and making more money than I ever thought possible practically happened by accident! 

Success comes down to implementing the right strategies at the right time.

This seminar is for you if;

You want to get loads more photo booth bookings

You want to scale your business but don’t know where to start

You’re tired of testing different marketing methods without seeing the results

Jack will break down how he took his business www.jackstarweddings.co.uk from under £2k per month to over £250k per year using the simple stackable strategies method. You’ll take away, step by step the exact strategies to use in your business straight away.