PBX Europe Aftershow DJ
DJ NJB is a rising star in London’s vibrant music scene, known for bringing unforgettable vibes to the city’s hottest venues. With a passion for music and technology, NJB has quickly gained recognition as a go-to DJ for both corporate events and private parties. Whether he’s spinning at London’s 5-star hotels, such as the iconic Kimpton Fitzroy or the luxurious Pan Pacific London, or curating groovy sets for boat parties and brunches, DJ NJB knows how to create a good time.

Specializing in Hip Hop, RNB, and Soulful House, NJB’s seamless mixes and infectious energy keep the dance floor packed and the crowd wanting more. His love for music shines through every beat, captivating audiences and creating an electric atmosphere. With a keen eye for trends and a finger on the pulse of the London scene, DJ NJB is always up to date with the latest sounds and styles.

Stay connected with DJ NJB’s musical journey on Instagram @nathanjbatch, where you can catch glimpses of his electrifying performances and stay updated on upcoming gigs. Get ready to experience the magic of DJ NJB as he continues to elevate the London nightlife with his exceptional talent and undeniable passion for music.