Alan berg®


Here are 6 things you should know about Alan Berg:

  1. His industry experience includes publishing 2 wedding magazines, being Vice President of Sales for The Knot, he’s a long-time WeddingPro educator, and he speaks and consults for websites in the US, Ireland, the U.K., Australia, India and Dubai.
  2. He’s the wedding and event industry’s first Certified Speaking Professional®, and one of only 38 Global Speaking Fellows in the world!

  3. He was recently included as one of the “Top 75 Speakers to Watch” by Motivator Music on LinkedIn, alongside such greats at Tony Robbins, Gary V and Dave Ramsey.
  4. He’s presented in 14 countries, 5 of them in Spanish, and recently in French!
  5. Alan is the author of 6 books, including his most popular book: Shut Up and Sell More Weddings & Events! and his latest book Why Are They Ghosting Me?

  6. He’s the host of the Wedding Business Solutions podcast, a weekly show on Apple Podcast, Spotify, YouTube and more, with over 100,000 downloads!

Stop selling photo booths and music, and start selling the experience


By the time you get an email, contact form request or other inquiry, they’re already interested in your products and/or services. One of the biggest reasons they don’t buy is that you’re trying to sell them what you want, instead of what they really want to have. When you learn how to ask better questions, and ditch your sales pitch, you’ll be able to close more sales.

Come to this session and learn: How to find out what they really want How the best words to use aren’t your own How helping them buy will reduce the time it takes to close the sale How helping them buy will help you increase your profits

You down with OPP? Obsessively Pricing for Profits


What if you could make it easier for your customers to buy, which makes it easier for you to sell? How much time would that save you, and how much more profit could that make your Photo Booth or DJ company? This session will help you see a different path to selling more weddings and events, at higher profits for you. You’ll walk away knowing the answers to these questions: Takeaways: Which is better, packages or a-la-carte pricing? Should you put pricing on your website? Are you maximizing your calendar inventory for profit?

Share the knowledge, and the cost, with a Group Mastermind Day

Get together with other local photo booth pros and save by sharing the cost – have a Private Mastermind Day with Alan


The idea of having me come for a Day of Sales Training is intriguing, but sometimes the cost can be intimidating. A great idea is to bring together some other businesses in your area and share the cost of having me come in to work with you, as a group, for a full day. I call these Private Small-Group Mastermind Days. It’s like having a private training with me, except we’ll work together as a group, sharing ideas and talking through ways to increase sales, improve your websites and marketing, handling objections and more – with the benefit of sharing the cost with some friends.